MyTraveo story

MyTraveo is a young and agile company specializing in bringing pleasure to our customers during their stay in beautiful Croatia. Despite our young age, our dynamic and interactive team is very well experienced.

We are a group of travel and technology enthusiasts on a mission to fulfill your travel with the best experiences possible.

This platform is created with a mission to present you the best of Croatia. 

We are aware of all difficulties with finding the right tour while traveling in a new country. 

We also want to present you with more unique tours and more local experiences than you can find elsewhere.


  MyTraveo makes travel easy


  • Ciao stress

Browse and book, and we’ll tell you when to be where. You can just focus on having a great time.

  • Unforgettable experience

That’s what we’re all about. You’ll find unbeatable activities for all ages and interests on MyTraveo.

  • Handpicked tour selection

All of our partners are selected as they are recognized as the best in the area where they operate. On MyTraveo you will find an extensive but selected offer of tours and activities.

  • Quick and secure booking

By using one of the most used payment gateways, we ensure you quick and secure booking.

  • Customer support

We are still enough small and flexible so that we can fully address your request and approach your questions and provide support at the best way possible. 

Why to choose MyTraveo?

  • All of our tours and activities have been carefully selected, tested and picked,  as this is the only way to guarantee the top quality service and experience. 
  • Your feedback is our guide and it presents the way we want to do business.
  •  Each service must aim at top quality, which leads to an unforgettable customer’s experience. 
  • We enjoy the process of growing and providing you with the best possible tours and activities in one place.
  • Our focus is one destination only, and that destination is Croatia. We are locals and we use our knowledge about Croatian market to deliver the best result possible.
  • We aim to maintain a transparent and reliable relationship with our partners.


Our company was born and lead with a passion and young creative spirit  for this job so we take care of the tiniest details to meet our customers-expectations every single day, and we do it with pleasure, we enjoy the process!

We’re here to make your holidays colorful and enjoyable.

Have a question or a simple comment? Write to us to , we’d love to hear from you!



We strive to get the best offer of Croatian tour providers. Therefore we handpick and select the partners who are excellent in their work area.



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From Pula to Dubrovnik, from Zadar to Osijek, from Split to Zagreb, we cover all Croatian tour market.


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