Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Croatia and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is famous for its series of 16 interconnected lakes and waterfalls.

Natural resources:

  • Water: The main natural resource of the park is the water, which forms the lakes and waterfalls.
  • Forest: The park also has a rich forest cover that is home to various species of animals and plants.

Places of interest:

  • Lakes: The 16 interconnected lakes are the main attraction of the park.
  • Waterfalls: The park has several stunning waterfalls that can be viewed from various viewpoints.
  • Forest: The park’s forest is a popular spot for hiking and wildlife watching.

Responsible use:

  • The park has implemented several measures to ensure responsible use of its natural resources.
  • Visitors are required to follow designated trails and boardwalks to avoid damage to the ecosystem.
  • Plastic waste management is strictly enforced to minimize pollution.
  • The park also has a policy of limiting the number of daily visitors to ensure that the natural resources are not over-utilized.