Split-Dalmatia is a region in Croatia known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The region is well connected through a comprehensive public transport system, consisting of buses, ferries, and trains.

Buses are the most widely used mode of public transport in the region and connect the major cities and tourist destinations, including Split and Dubrovnik. There are also international buses that provide connections to other cities in Europe. Companies such as Libertas Split and Promet operate regular bus services, offering a convenient and affordable way to travel around the region.

Information and timetable of biggest public transport provider “Promet Split” find here : https://www.promet-split.hr/en/ 

Ferries are another important mode of transport in Split-Dalmatia, connecting the mainland with the islands in the region. Jadrolinija, a major ferry operator, provides regular connections between the islands and the mainland, including Hvar and Brač. Some ferries also operate seasonally to other destinations such as Korčula and Vis. Ferries are an ideal way to travel for those who want to explore the beautiful islands in the region.


Trains are limited in the region, with only a few routes connecting Split with other cities in Croatia. However, trains are a fast and efficient mode of transport for those who want to travel to other parts of the country.

Timetable of trains find here : https://prodaja.hzpp.hr/en

In conclusion, the public transport system in Split-Dalmatia is comprehensive and well-developed, offering travelers various options to explore the region. Whether you want to take a bus, ferry, or train, the region has a convenient and affordable way to get around.